The Science of Ice Cream.

Do you believe you were born to taste test ice cream? Well, Team Tui was, our ‘not your typical ice-cream experiment,’ had the big question: Can we successfully invent an ice cream inspired by a breakfast food?🍦

At the end of Term 1, Team Tui made breakfast flavoured Ice cream using the Can it Icecream? Kit from our favourite friends School Kit and #dairynzinschools.

We had some success and some slightly disastrous ice cream flavours (baked beans and marmite is just not that nice)! Lots of rich science-based discussion was had, and the students are wondering if they can use the recipe to make more ice cream to sell.

Here are the instructions we followed,

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.06.25 PM.png

Click this link to download the instructions- Can it icecream_Instruction card

Here are some photos of our fabulous team making their ice cream!


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